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"online pilot logbook is the quickest and easiest way for me to keep my logbook up to date. I average over 80 hours per month as a flying instructor and I usually fly a different aircraft for every flight. It is so quick and easy to add new aerodromes and aircraft.

One of the other key benefits of the system is it allows me to download a months flying to Microsoft Excel so I can put in my pay claim." (TP)
"online pilot logbook is a fantastic programme and very user friendly, I'll be sure to sign up once the trial is over. Great value for money" (TB)
"Such a great programme. I was never a great lover of online logbooks till I started to use yours" (TP)
"What an excellent product. I have tried many other online logbooks and this is the best, the graphs are excellent and the website is so easy to use!" (JC)
"Excellent tool. Easy to use, information readily available and a good back up for my logbook" (IR)
"I wasn't sure at first but I now use online pilot logbook as my main form of record keeping. It does everything I need and more, including all the calculations - and saves me writing it all in the logbook along with the occasional errors. I don't really need the paper version because I can actually print out page by page as a physical record" (PW)
"I signed up at Aero Expo and I have to say that I am very impressed by it (online pilot logbook)" (MG)
"Thank you for making my life so much easier! I fly all the time and online pilot logbook is a great help" (CC)
"I am very impressed with what I have seen so far and am actively recommending your site to my students" (MG)
"It's extremely intuitive and easy (to use), a fantastic product and very well priced" (MP)
"The product (online pilot logbook) looks good and certainly useful" (DG)
"Very impressed with the system" (JC)
"Keep up the good work!"
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