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How much does online pilot logbook cost?
Following the initial 30 day free trial, online pilot logbook costs £20 per year, that's it!

We reserve the right to change the pricing in the future but if you have subscribed at a certain price you will always pay that price. Certain price fluctuations may be required due to inflation. We also reserve the right to introduce special offers.
How long do I subscribe for?
Subscriptions are paid in advance on an annual basis. If you want to close your account you can do so but no refunds will be issued for a partial years subscription. Subscription renewals occur on the expiry of your last subscription.
If I close my account or my subscription lapses can I still get my logbook data?
Yes. You should take regular exports of your data but if you close your account and no longer wish to subscribe we will provide you with an export.
Should I maintain my paper logbook?
That is completely up to you. Some members only use online pilot logbook, others use the service alongside a paper logbook. It remains your legal obligation to maintain your logbook and you should take regular exports.
Which browser do I have to use?
online pilot logbook will work with any modern browser, if in doubt just ask. In any case, you should keep your browser up to date.
Will online pilot logbook work on a mobile device?
Yes. Once registered as a user of online pilot logbook you will have access to the mobile WebApp designed with mobile devices in mind including the iPhone & iPad.
Can I import my flights from my current logbook?
This very much depends on the format of the data but is normally possible if the logbook is already in electronic format.
I need a new feature
online pilot logbook is an ongoing development, by all means let us know what you need and we can discuss the feasibility of the development.
Is my data secure?
Your data is hosted at a secure data centre in England, hosted by Daily backups are taken and retained for 30 days. Nevertheless, you should take regular exports of your logbook. We may move data centre at any time and without notice but have no intention of moving the data out of the UK.
What data do you store about me?
We store information such as an email address and password so you can gain access to online pilot logbook. We store your name because we like to know who we are talking to. We will not pass your data to any third parties and will only contact you about maters relating to your account.
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